Sifnos Island Greece. A complete guide for Sifnos Island in Greece

The island is a very attractive summer destination either for short term vacation, starting from a weekend or for long term stay. Whatever is preferred, Sifnos is able to satisfy any kind of option. It can offer everything is expected in a Cycladic island. In Sifnos the visitor will have the chance to see the white houses with their blue shutters, the recently whitewashed chapels at every step he takes and also the bougainvilleas spread up in every free wall and fence, the sun and the vast blue sea. The island has a remarkable harmony of traditional villages and other attractions such as the citadel of Saint Andrew, magnificent beaches and excellent cuisine. The island is relatively small so that the distances are not tiring while the visitor reaches his destination very soon. The options offered in this island are numerous and can be alternated on a daily basis.


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